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The Story that Goes………Everywhere?

So, oh you’ll love this story, I mean it’s a such a beautiful, captivating story……here let me put on the lamp…….I mean sure you could say that about any story…….oh my skirt is all creased!……in fact you could even say that about my Uncle Jim and the stories that he used to tell after his… Continue reading The Story that Goes………Everywhere?

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Trump & Toddlers: Similarities & more Similarities*

They talk incessant gibberish thinking you understand them.  They have zero filter. They make inappropriate comments at the worst possible time. They are prone to bouts of uncontrollable rage, and can only be placated by giving them what they want. They watch ridiculous, non-factual TV shows. They love to gaze endlessly at themselves in the… Continue reading Trump & Toddlers: Similarities & more Similarities*

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New Year, Same You: Reasons NOT to change

As if you even need reasons – I see you’ve already consumed a small village of chocolate that you stole from your children. I’m proud of you. Here are some reasons anyway, if you need them: It takes more willpower to resist change than to change, am I right? So you’re really the stronger person… Continue reading New Year, Same You: Reasons NOT to change