The ramblings of a mínseach

So, here I am. My family have grown tired of my endless ranting, turning to run out of the room when I start one of my, passionate I like to think, conversations with my family. They see them more like lectures. I just care a lot about topics that interest me and want others to care too, against their will. That’s fair right? This blog is my way of expressing my thoughts and desires to lessen some of my Hitleresque speeches to my family and close friends (if I haven’t had a rant in front of you or AT you about something, it’s unlikely we’re very close). This blog will become my sanctuary, or my black hole to vomit my frustrations about daily life and global issues. You can read it, or choose not to. For once I am giving people the chance to decide whether or not to listen to my rants while I still get to rant even if it’s just to my computer (a noble veteran, having done many years of service enduring my incoherent thoughts and anger). This black hole will also be a spot of a few sparse, badly written short stories that I have made the poor decision to write. Enjoy some infrequent Irish words/sentences too, that I had to look up to spell (we’re learning together). I hope you enjoy this blog if not, I can’t say I’ll go crazy with rage. Or can I? Is féidir leat do rogha rud a dhéanamh, Mínseach.


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