Healthy Eating

“Diet”: The Beginning of the End

If there is a word that makes my blood boil and causes me to retch it’s “diet”. “Oh hun I’m on this new diet that consists of eating only multi-coloured veg and my own sadness. I’ve already lost 5 pounds and my soul” It’s amazing to me that no matter how often these diets fail people run back to them, thinking that this time it will somehow be different.The people themself don’t anger me as much as these companies that flog these items knowing that, if anything, they are only contributed to body issues and obesity.

These diets are called short term because no one could realistically stick to them long term. How can you drink a disgusting milkshake for the next 5 years? Some are marketed as short term but as a ‘stepping stone’ to a healthier lifestyle. The thinking is that once you lose x amount of weight you’ll be able to dramatically overhaul your diet and continue eating healthy. The truth is you’ll go right back to eating the way you were before; probably worse, and gain that weight right back.

The reason is simply you have not addressed your poor eating habits you’ve just replaced them with a shake that is nutritionally deficient causing you to drop weight fast. You still don’t know how to prepare healthy meals or how to make a timetable and organise your life so that you make room for healthy living. Part of me feels that everyone knows what foods are bad for them. People know getting a takeaway every night isn’t good. They know that eating a truck load of chocolate is hardly making them thinner. They consciously decide to eat these foods. And sometimes they become so addictive that it is hard to stop (I know that feeling). But sugar is a extremely addictive substance. However in the end it just makes you feel crappy whereas healthy eating feels like a transformation that makes you light on your feet and full of energy.

When it comes to overhauling eating habits most people struggle with three things; organisation, willpower and patience. All of these things are required for really making a significant change to your diet and fitness. Quick fix diets dismiss this and promote the ‘easier’ way. People with seemingly hectic lives are drawn into this gimmick and way of thinking. Really it’s down to a lack of organisation and will power, which I suffer from myself but it can be remedied but like everything else it takes work.

You don’t have to start going to workout 10 days a week and eating only vegetables. To me that’s another diet. The word diet to me means unsustainable. That kind of diet is short term and will only serve to exhaust you. Small changes is where it’s at. These gradually changes allow you to slowly adjust to another lifestyle. That being said, I recommended going cold turkey on sweets/chocolate. For me I couldn’t just cut down I had to shut them off completely. Three days on and I barely miss it but if I touch a sweet after that my self-control goes out the window. That’s just me though I’m pretty sure I have addictive tendencies.

In conclusion: ‘Diets’ are a  giant waste of time and money. Join something to keep you motivated if that works for you but make sure they promote realistic healthy eating and small changes that you can stick to. Don’t call it a diet either. That’s suggests it’s temporary. That once you lost 20 pounds or whatever your goal is, that you can go right back to your old eating habits (which were clearly not good). Think of it like going for a walk or a run. It may take you a while to get there, but you’ll get there. Don’t rush, make it an enjoyable experience and you’ll want to keep doing it.

Same goes for exercise, make it enjoyable. For me the gym is hell. I prefer HIIT exercises at home. Even though it may only be for 15 minutes, every little helps. Or join a club which I like as well. 2 hours goes by in no time, you meet people and as long as you enjoy it you’ll go back. To be honest anything that takes no time at all to do is of little worth and is usual not of the best standard. You’re worth more consideration than that, right? 🙂

Sidenote: I also hate those ‘funny’ diet posts on Facebook. You know who you are. If a minion is added that’s even worse. It should be an arrestable offence.




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