Paris/Beirut Terror Attacks

What took place yesterday in Paris was and is, beyond comprehension. Then again maybe it is wrong to say it is beyond comprehension. The actions of these murderers for me is beyond comprehension. The rest is not. To look a person in the eye, of whose life you now hold in your hands, and to decide, even though they have not directly harmed you in any way, to butcher them is hard to grasp for me. Using religion as justification for your heinous crimes is the true mark of a coward. These men are not Muslim. There are 1.6 Muslims on this planet who are just like the rest of us. But I fear the actions of a minority will stain the majority. Every Muslim will be seen to have blood on their hands for this crime. We cannot let that happen.

These men do not want unity or peace, they want destruction, they want us to hate them collectively. The bombing in Beirut which caused 43 people to perish, all Muslim, show that they have no regard for other Muslims either. Even ones that are a different sect are not tolerated.  These attacks had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with bloodthirsty cowards wanting people to cower to them, to get joy from their fear and suffering. If we fall into this trap we will come face to face with a world built on hate, mistrust and division. These men have become so consumed with hate that they don’t know how to communicate any other way. We need to fight back, but not with hate but with love. By standing shoulder to shoulder with Muslims who condemn such actions which shouldn’t be difficult since anyone who is not horrified by what has happened is not someone we should be united with. Any decent human being would stand against such horror. Those who may be swayed by destruction around them that such extremists attacks are an appropriate response must be shown otherwise.

Constant talk about refugees from Syria and Africa bringing more instability to European countries is talk that makes my blood run cold. This is exactly what these terrorists want, they want us to see every Muslim as an enemy so that they they can capture these people and tangle them in their web of hate. If we shun these people we are only creating more ISIS members, more misplaced and confused anger. These refugees are fleeing from these countries because they cannot live under such daily oppression and horror. They want a better, safer life for their children. One where they do not witness executions daily for those who speak out against  these extremist groups or bombs above their heads. The minority must not speak for the majority. No one must let that happen. We will not let the darkness consume us, to confuse us and make us feel alone. With light we can see one another and stand strong.

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