Syrian Refugee Crisis

Came across this brilliant video giving a very good summary of the refugee crisis in Syria. Not that Syria is the only country but this is mirrored in the other people fleeing from other countries. For anyone who is against letting refugees into Europe, it’s hard to maintain that argument when all your opinions are challenged in a single video. Facts are difficult to argue with. The reason why it seems these refugees are flooding some countries is because other countries will not take their share of refugees so the problem seems bigger than it actually is. If every country contributed it would be ten times more manageable. These people are highly educated and WANT TO WORK. But in most countries they go to they can’t. Imagine being in their shoes? The EU is bound by law to care for these people once they step on their land. People say “Oh well if we ended the war they’d go back”. They don’t want to flee their homeland, who wants to have to leave their country with nothing and little English and make a horrendous trek to find safety risking their lives and their children’s lives to merciless smugglers? It’ll be a while before the war ends. Armies can’t just pull out after being so heavily involved. You’re only making things worse by doing that. Please check this video out, it’s really worth a watch! – Mínseach


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