Top Ten Most Hated Words

  1. Awesome – Sorry to anyone who uses this word on a daily basis but I hate it. It makes me want to shake the person who says it very hard.
  2. Banter – To anyone reading this who isn’t Irish banter means to have fun. It always means you are a complete idiot who shouldn’t be allowed to speak.
  3. OMG – Never write or say this abbreviation in my presence. Actually just don’t say it, ever.
  4. Fab – Please don’t make me kill you. You’re doing a good job of trying.
  5. Yolo – See above statement. Said by people who considering “Yoloing” as drinking themselves until their paraplegic.
  6. Craic – Hate this word. If you’re not Irish don’t say it and if you are Irish don’t say it either.
  7. Bae – Just don’t. Are you a 12 year old girl?
  8. Goals – Such a thing is “goals”. If you don’t shut up I’ll slap you in the face with a goalpost.
  9. Fleek – No, never, ten times no.
  10. Pre-drinking – Another Irish phrase. It means to drink at home before heading out to town in order to save money as it means you’ll probably only have to buy one drink because you’ll be completely gone before you leave the house. But how can it be called ‘pre-drinking’ when you’re drinking.

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