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Hello? Is it Hair You’re Looking for?

So I’ve decided to let my hair grow long. Whether it will be a good decision or not remains to be seen. My sole reason for doing it is for charity. I’d like the chance to give my hair for people who suffer from alopecia, a condition suffered by all ages where your hair suddenly falls out and sometimes never grows back. It’s an Irish charity too and there are hair salons that will make sure your hair is cut and sent off the proper way which makes me more confident then sending it off myself. The only thing is they require 14 inch hair, which means more like 20 inches for me if I want something to work with after I get it cut. Right now I could feasible cut off six inches, so I’ve a bit of a way to go. Still, it’s something I have the opportunity to do while my hair is thick and in good condition (I have never dyed it). So, I’m really hoping I can stick to it. I was thinking once I got it cut and donated it I’d change up my style a bit and dye it 🙂 My hair has already reached the uncomfortable length stage for me when I would normally cut it but to be honest I barely put any effort into my hair as is and am not a fan of going to the hairdresser. My hair is thick and difficult (for me) to manage. I never had the patience to spend all day (an hour) blow drying my hair to my mum’s dismay haha. With how thick my hair is I might well end up looking like It from the Adam’s Family.


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