How to know you’re in a Godfather film

  1. There are oranges everywhere. I mean everywhere, just everywhere. Who know oranges were the real mafia?
  2. There one person that always speaks so quietly and mumbles so you have to constantly pretend you understand what he says. “You want to have who shot? “HmmmHmmmHmpm….” “Right”
  3. Your brother’s favourite pastime is breaking things, and breaking people.
  4. You learn that if you try to learn to drive as a woman, your car will get bombed.
  5. Your brother gently threatens other girl’s father so he can go out with them.
  6. Your other brother’s talent is having crazy eyes and an amazing death stare that makes people shoot themselves for him.
  7. The other brother well…………..meh no one really cares much about him.
  8. Your husband slaps you around because he doesn’t want the nice dinner you slaved over, so you throw it at his face along with some more plates. Nice.
  9. Your father is obsessed with oranges. Actually everyone is obsessed with oranges, because they’re everywhere.
  10. You learn that decapitating a horse and leaving it in someone’s bed is more complicated then it looks.
  11. Your brother keeps using the phrase “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse” when paying for food, or anything.
  12. Your family don’t talk about the other films, because they’re bad. Especially the last one that was just weird.

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