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Yoga? Oh yeah

I would like to preface this piece by saying I was that person who thought that yoga was a whole load of hippie nonsense (I’m sorry) and that it did nothing. Irish people are geerally adverse to those things. How wrong was I? Very wrong. Yoga has actually been a wonderful experience, more so because I can do it from home and allow myself the freedom to go at my own pace. The following is the way yoga has helped me on a daily basis.

  1. Comfy clothes – Yoga is a great excuse to wear comfy clothes which are my natural go to clothes. Sorted.
  2. It’s made me slow down and take stock – I know it sounds cheesy but it really did allow me to slow down and enjoy certain moments. So often we rush around and forget to really take in our surroundings and appreciate it.
  3. It’s helped calm me – A little. But it has helped me identify what I’m feeling and to not allow it to control me.
  4. Anxiety – Surprisingly, it really has contributed to less anxiety and stress.
  5. Conscious eating – It’s amazing to think that yoga can affect how you eat but it really has. You get more interested in taking care of your body and what you put into it without much effort. Your mindset just shifts. It really is a strange, but good experience.
  6. Mood elevation: Yoga is something that sets me up for the day. The yoga teacher I follow on YouTube is Yoga With Adriene an excellent, cheery teacher who motivates me to keep coming back to my mat. I recommend you check her out if you want to try yoga out and experience yoga at your own pace.
  7. Strong, physically and mentally – Not only are you working all your muscles while doing these moves you are working on your mindset at the same time. You’re not just doing an hour of exercise, you’re connecting with yourself and how you feel in the process. Connecting body and mind is a very rewarding experience.

So try it out, you won’t regret it!


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