30g of Cereal? Ah herrre.

Now I know why they call it cereal, because its a cereal of disappointments (see what I did there?). As I write this I’m munching down on some bran flake-thungys that I bought as an impulse buy (so adventurous). It was an impulse buy if you disregard me spending 15 minutes reading the label of different brands to find the one that was the least unhealthy. It always surprises me how something as dull as bran flakes could actually be bad for you. They may be dull but they are delicious, maybe more so because I haven’t had bran flakes for years. But what saddened me was the suggestion on the label that 30g is an adequate portion size for any human being over the age of 2. I weighed it out just to see how little it was, thinking that maybe because the flakes were light so I’d get more, but no, it barely covered the bottom of a small bowl. Imagine having just that for breakfast? And that’s without the addition full fat milk.

Really when looking at the labels I was mostly keyed in on the sugar content per 100g as everything else was fairly low. 30 grams provided you with 4.2g of sugar which does place it at a reasonable level, but it still seems like a nice bit for such a small amount. In comparison porridge oats provide you with 0.4g of sugar per 40 g (and that stuff quadruples in size no joke) and even corn flakes give you 2.2 for 40g. Yet you would think next to Corn Flakes, Bran Flakes would be healthier. Not so. In our house the options are pretty healthy; porridge oats, weetabix and Cornflakes. But also boring. So being the rebel that I am, I decided to branch out a bit, pick the bad stuff (Nicki Minaj bad for you came into my head there, shudder. Hate her but shameful like that song). But really, why does the cereal have to lie to my face by telling me that I can subsist on 30g of dust for breakfast? Why can’t cereal and I just have an honest, open relationship? Anyway, I bought it because I wanted to, not because I thought it was healthy (I’m looking at you Special K and Weightwatchers Bran Flakes), but I still did look for the lowest in sugar I could find so I didn’t terrorise my body too much. And surprisingly, it has filled me up a little – for now. Why are you having cereal at 9 o’clock at night you say? The best time to have cereal is at night and mind you’re own business.

– Mínseach


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