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Favourite Chill-Out Music

  1. Willie Nelson – Hello Walls

Have to admit I only stumbled across this by watching Parks and Rec when Ron was listening to Hello Walls while his employees vented their work grievances. This is such a nice song to just fall back and relax to.


These next two songs are a bit sadder, but beautiful all the same.

2) Fair-Haired Boy – Dervish

Song of two lovers parted as a result of The Great Famine. Very beautiful song.

“All joy is gone that we once knew
All sorrow newly found
Soon you’ll in California be
Or Colorado bound
Let no sad tears now stain your cheek
As we kiss our last goodbye;
Think not upon when we might meet My love, my fair-haired boy”t86443727-i280648919_s400play.jpg

3) Crucán na bPaiste (the children’s graveyard) – Eimear Quinn.

Similarly this next song, sung in Irish, is to do with a mother losing her child during the Famine. Avery touching and peaceful song.

“There is sadness in the mountains
And there is sorrow around Loch Mask
I am wretched because she is not safe
And as long as I live
I shall not stand on the sod
Of Ireland nor in the children’s burial ground.”




4) Willie Nelson – Just Breathe

Another favourite of his with him and his son singing. Willie Nelson just has a voice you could float away on.



5) Moonriver – instrumental or otherwise

I love this song. It’s so gentle yet so powerful. On a snowy night (which happens every 50 years in Ireland) it’s magical to put this on and watch the snow fall.


6) Amhrán Mhuínse (Song of Muínis) – Líadan

This song is so beautiful. A lament song, it speaks from the point of view of a man who wishes to be prayed in Muínis when he dies with his family and loved ones. Definitely one that makes me tear up. More so because my father comes from Connemara where Muínis is. “Oh, do not bury me in Leitir Calaidh, for it’s not where my people are,
But bring me west to Muínis, to the place where I will be mourned aloud;
The lights will be on the dunes, and I will not be lonely there”.



The last two songs I love them mainly because they are two songs my uncle plays and sings on his guitar. He sings them better than the artists in my opinion! But these versions are still good.

7) Nancy Spain – Christy Moore

hqdefault (1)

8) The Lakes of Pontchartrain – Planxty



That just a snippet of my favourite chill out songs, I have a lot more! Check them out!



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