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Purplish London Clothing

It was by chance at a market that I came across this brand and immediately fell in love. I have never been one to buy clothes because of the label attached. Neither can I say fashion is something I obsess over or something I have the right to comment on, but in my opinion these clothes are beautiful and right down my street.. I love clothes that have life and colour to them without being in your face or gawdy looking. These designs don’t do that, they draw in the eye with creative, intricate designs in a gentle, enticing way. I only bought two dresses in that market though I wished to buy more (sadly finances would not allow that to happen). For a person who hates clothes shopping I would have bought ever dress they had. The dresses themselves are warm, flow beautifully and are extremely comfortable. In very few dresses do you get a mix of comfort, style and creativity. These dresses down below have all that. I like dresses that look different, that have some sense of uniqueness to them. Now I have yet to put them through the washing machine so that could change how I feel but they look like they would hold up quite well. I am in no way sponsored by this company (I wish), I honestly love the two pieces I got from them and imagine that the rest of it follows suit. So, check them out, but only if you want to (no coercing here). They also do more then dresses; like cardigans, skirts, leggings and more just as colorful and different. All credit goes to Purplish London.

Edit: I couldn’t find the second dress I bought but I’ve included some more to show you the beautiful designs.



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