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My Book of the Month

It was only by chance that I came across this book, Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafron. Unexpectedly meeting my brother in the bookshop, as I browsed for novels that caught my eye, led to him suggest a book snuggled on a shelf that I had glanced over but nothing more than that. Taking his suggestion, though we have different tastes in book genres, I took a look at the summary on its back. It didn’t pull me in initially but I’ve been surprised before about books with least than grabbing (for me) summaries that turned out to be amazing. Stephen King and AJ Cronin I’ve found can be notorious for this. I’m happy to say I didn’t regret this decision, the book swallowed me in from the first page and I got hooked. Now, I haven’t finished the book just yet but it looks promising from the 150 pages I have read so far. It’s set in Barcelona and centres on a young boy, Daniel, who comes across a book called The Shadow of The Wind in his father’s second hand bookshop. Immediately he is captured by the books rapacious story and brilliant characters and promises to guard it as his father has told him that the first book he very reads will stay with him a lifetime. But as the story unfolds we learn the past behind the book and its author Julián Carax. Falling down the rabbit hole, Daniel soon meets the sinister shadows that lurk in its pages, as well as those out to destroy Carax’s very masterpiece and those who stand in their way.


I’d really recommend you check this book out. It has engrossed me from page one.

– Mínseach


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