Pancakes!? PANCAKES!?

Happy pancake Tuesday (Shrove Tuesday) everyone. Usually I leave the pancake making up to my mum as I have always thought I could never make pancakes, at least not anything that resembled one. Though I suppose what we make at home is more a crepe-like than a pancake, which is my favourite. Today however I surprised myself and declared that I would be making the pancakes, to the grave concern of my family. Naturally I reassured them by reminding them that I had gotten an A1 in my home economics cooking practical…….6 years ago. Determined I googled a BBC good food recipe (my mother doesn’t use a recipe, that she ever remembers). The fact that I had to looked up a recipe for pancakes and still doubted my ability wasn’t a great start. Still I persevered and made the batter which I thought looked too watery to be good, but to my surprise it turned out really nice! I have confronted and conquered my tormentor, who I loved and feared in equal measure, the pancake. I even flipped a pancake. I AM UNSTOPPABLE.

– Mínseach


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