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My Favourite Childhood Classics

Johnson and Friends: My first tv show is admittedly pretty weird but I had to include it….because it looks so weird. Not sure if it was broadcast outside of Ireland and England.* But seriously look this tv show up on YouTube, it looks like someone was very high or drunk when they came up with this idea.


Brum: I loved this show so much it makes me emotional thinking about it. The ramblings of a small replica car that goes on jaunts into the ‘big town’ when his owner isn’t looking. Who could not love this show!? To an outsider it seems ridiculous….which it was, but it was a masterpiece.


Tom and Jerry: The classics were amazing weren’t they? It’s hilarious to us as children and even as adults. In my opinion there are very few children shows now-a-days (what am I 50?) that both children and adults can sit down and watch and get the same enjoyment from it, but for different reasons. It was so beautifully crafted that I find it hard to believe that another show like it could be created now. Every child should have to watch Tom & Jerry.



Not only was this show educational it was often had quite inappropriate jokes/moments “Hello Nurse!” that flew over a young innocent child’s head but which the adults picked up on. This is another brilliant tv show that both children and adults could sit and laugh at. I suppose I especially loved it because like Dot I had two older brothers so they always remained me of them. That fact that Wakko’s voice was based on Ringo Starr only makes it better.


Pinky and the Brain:

That intro song was just so catchy. It was such an absurd show but that made it more hilarious and brilliant. Like Animaniacs, they provide snippets of educational lessons. And of course they always had references that only adults would get: Brain: As you know, people in today’s body conscious society are obsessed with losing weight. My plan is to secretly replace all the artificial sweeteners in the world with real ones, thus rendering the world’s population fat, slow moving, and completely toothless. Pinky: You mean like the guests on Jerry Springer? Brain: Exactly, Pinklet.

Art Attack:


Loved this show even if I was hopeless at art. Notorious for the catchphrase: Here’s one I need earlier”. My favourite part was when he’d dump all the salt on the ground and make an amazing piece of art out of it. The head was strange though looking back on it.

Funny Bones:


“On a dark dark street, there was a dark dark house, down the dark, dark stairs, there was a dark dark cellar and in the dark dark cellar some skeletons lived” Really? Is this child appropriate?

I remember reading the book and looking it up again on YouTube I recall watching the tv show. The entire time I couldn’t help thinking how did they come up with this stuff and were they trying to terrify children!? Oh and there’s a character called mister Bonehead – heh, heh.

*Some of the above show may have only been broadcast in England not Ireland as I lived in London until I was 5 so I’m not sure.

What were some favourite childhood tv shows of yours?  I’d be really interested to hear of the difference in children’s tv shows from that time in Ireland/England compared to America or other countries. Leave a comment below and let me know! 🙂


6 thoughts on “My Favourite Childhood Classics

    1. Watching old art attack clips on YouTube his voice is so relaxing! I’ve never heard of My Big Comfy Couch anyway, so it wasn’t aired in Britain or Ireland. Are you from Canada? The YouTube clip I looked up had a Canadian flag in the corner. 🙂

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      1. It’s certainly no weirder than a skeleton cartoon, a car that comes to life and the disturbing show that is Johnson and friends.
        Wow Canada cool! I know it’s stupid to say in this day and age but it’s still amazes me to be talking to someone so far away. I’ve heard Canada is beautiful. A lot of Irish people have emigrated there recently for jobs. I’d like to apologise for how they might be portraying us haha 🙂

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  1. Haha you’re so right. I’ll have to watch a few episodes of that show sometime soon!

    And it is pretty cool, huh? The Internet can be an amazing thing 🙂 And I live in a pretty small city, so I have yet to meet anyone born in Ireland! I would love to visit there someday though

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