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Being a Midget..Sorry, Petite

According to the Oxford dictionary the word petite is described as being “attractively small and dainty”. Phew, I thought it mean you looked like a midget. An adult midget that resembled a child, because that’s what I look like (I’m just 5ft). No one thinks I’m 22 years of age, more like 17. Looking younger might be a good thing when you’re older as people have said to me constantly, but by then I doubt I’ll actually care much that I’ll look 50 instead of 55. Speaking from my own experience, I’d like to share some challenges,  and benefits of having (can’t forget those benefits) to living life constantly on your tippy toes. So sit back (if your feet can touch the ground) and let us begin.

  1. Everyone says you’re ‘cute’. A dog is cute, a baby is cute, an adult female is not cute. We can never be sexy without looking like we are playing dress-up. Men don’t want cute!
  2. You’re constantly concerned the guys your age and above when they first see you think you’re jail bait so they don’t bother approaching you. Then when they know your age they still figure you just look too young to bring out in public.
  3. Everyone likes to draw attention to your height and just how little you are, even people who aren’t all that bigger than you. This can have its advantages though.
  4. When campaigners come to the door to canvass they immediately ask is your mother home because they assume you’re too young to vote. Which, to be fair works out well for you.
  5. When you’re with your boyfriend with no make-up and you look more like his child than his girlfriend.
  6. You become skilled at clambering onto worktops and whatever else you have to, to get what you need. You’re like some kind of weird, uncoordinated spider-cat.
  7. In crowds you can slip through people surprisingly much easier than your taller friends. People miss you in their field of vision which could make you a perfect assassin, just saying.
  8. When driving you have to nearly get into the engine to make sure you’re close enough to the pedals and even then you’re not close enough.
  9. Getting trousers is a difficult. Aren’t there loads of petite people? Why don’t shops take this seriously? While you can always turn up long trousers unlike taller people, it never just looks right. Women’s trousers sizes are a joke anyway, but that’s a whole other post.
  10. Children intimidate you.
  11. Walking with any more even a little bit taller than you is just impossible. “My legs can’t move that fast” you scream as they power walk away from you.
  12. People always talk about you having tiny feet. What da ya mean? I’m size 5, that’s normal!
  13. The feeling of complete despair when even the petite clothes need to be altered.
  14. You can never reach the mirrors on sunglass stands so you have to trundle all the way over to the full sized mirrors which are, conveniently, 100 miles away.
  15. Men will help you carry everything especially something heavy. Love that.
  16. People think you are unassuming looking, unable to handle yourself. A bad mistake. In the words of Shakespeare: Though she be but little, she is fierce.

Then again people complain about being too tall or neither one or the other so I guess everyone wants things they don’t have.

Anyone else petite and have anything to add? 🙂


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