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Bad Boyfriends & Cats


Disclaimer: I actually love cats, this is just me attempting to be funny-ish.

Why are cats and crappy boyfriends so similar?

  1. When you show any kind of interest in them, they ignore you. But when you ignore them, they’re all over you.
  2. They disregard your feelings/opinions. Afterall anything that makes them happy should make you happy.
  3. They are always right.
  4. If you fight with them they will simply walk out of the room nonchalantly, and it’s you who ends up coming back to them.
  5. You need them, more than they need you.
  6. They’re only jealous or interested in you when you hang around another guy they feel threatened by.
  7. They get disturbingly excited about food.
  8. They expect you to clean up after them
  9. They go off for hours without telling you where they’re going or when they’ll be back. But there always back in time for food.
  10. They’re affectionate, but only when it’s beneficial to them.
  11. They bring you unpleasant presents expecting you to be grateful.
  12. They frequently come home after a night out/ 2 day bender with cuts and scrapes.
  13. They sleep on your couch the entire day, rousing only to eat.



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