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Are You Really A Chair? A Guide

  1. Do people use you for their own satisfaction and without considering your feelings first?
  2. Do people ever ask your permission before using you? Before shoving their giant butt cheeks in your face.
  3. Do people weigh you down, knowing that there is only so much weight you can take before you snap?
  4. Do children and young people mock you for the way you look and mark you as theirs to mark without hesitation or feeling?
  5. Do even non-human creatures use you when they feel like it leaving hair and their disgust all over you afterwards? They treat the doormat better than you?
  6. Do people use you as a weapon when fighting with others? Why do you always  get dragged into their fights when you were just standing quietly in the corner?
  7. You are made of strong stuff, but even strong things wear over time, no one realises that when they look at you. You lose your strength and people disregard you, annoyance mixed with surprise, as if you would never wear, as if you have failed them.

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