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How to Know You have Succeeded in Life

  1. When you have earned everyone’s admiration and attention. It has nothing to do with whether you agree with what you are doing or if you like it, but that everyone else sees you doing it, and likes it.
  2. When your toast is buttered FOR YOU, not BY YOU.
  3. People fawn over you like the pathetic dogs they are.
  4. When you have a monkey butler to collect your winnings from the betting shop.
  5. When you never need to stop at pedestrian crossings. People stop for you and if they don’t you just drive over them without a care.
  6. Everyone shuts their stupid mouths holes when you speak, because they know their opinion is irrelevant.
  7. When you want something, other people get it for you.
  8. You can interrupt people mid sentence and they don’t care. They know you’re just saying what they would have said. Albeit, in a much more concise and coherent manner.
  9. And the ultimate sign? Other cats show respect for you.
  10. You are a cat.



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