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Book Look: BOTM

My book recommendations mean nothing but yet do they mean something? I doubt it? Confused – I am – are you? Or are you not? Hm? Yeah? Oh, right what were we talking about? Squirrels? No. Oh my book recommendations – riiight. Well here it is, I just finished it last night, take it have it it’ll change your life if you live in the 1930’s and are a coal miner, which I know you are – I see it in your eyes. ROFL ROFL, RDTHL even (Rolling down the hill laughing).

Okay, moving on.

AJ Cronin’s the star’s look down is a beautifully written book. I don’t recommend hinging your opinion of the book based on its summary in my opinion AJ Cronin doesn’t do good summaries, certainly I find the synopsis never draws me in when it comes to his books. But trust me, you will love it and hate it at the same time.  The characters will boil your blood, the injustice will make you want to jump into the book and beat some characters and the sadness will make you cry uncontrollably while people stare at you thinking you’ve gone insane. I went on rants about the characters in his book like I was living it myself, much to my family’s concern.

AJ Cronin doesn’t sugar coat reality and the ending of his novels are often grim, but it is often how the real world works. It frustrates me but it is reality. The injustices those working in the pits endured was the reality at the time, and is still the case world wide in other professions and industries. Those who try to make a difference and better their community are often met with resistance and corruption even they cannot overcome while those at the top remain rich and those struggling to survive just struggle on. We see morally corrupt characters that we find hard to believe could exist in real life, but they did and they still do which makes this book relevant in our time as well. AJ Cronin’s books can be depressing at times if you are hoping that good will triumph evil and that in the end everything will work out for the good. The funny thing is however, that this book in itself actually created talk on the safety practices in the mines and the welfare of the workers. AJ Cronin was actively involved in this due to being a medical inspector in such mines like those in North England. He was very vocal in demanding change for the workers and the conditions in which they risked their lives. I suppose though it reminds you that for all the evil you may encounter in the world, good people always exist, maybe not in quite the same numbers but they are there.

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Do check this beautiful novel out – I’m afraid my above post you have sold it better, but you really won’t regret reading it.




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