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Money Talks, People Listen

Although it is naive to say, sometimes I am beyond horrified at how much money talks in our society globally. Maybe it’s more how horrified I am at what the people with money get away with. We’ve all seen it. When someone is wealthy and ‘respectable’ they get away with a hell of a lot more than people who come from very little or moderately little. Your character counts, but it doubly counts when you’re rich.

Even in Ireland, money talks in many ways. With money, get you the best clothes, the best schools, the best food. Money also gets you the best healthcare. With money you don’t have to go to the back of the hypothetical queue. You are automatically given precedence over a person who could be just as good and deserving as you but just doesn’t have the money. Thankfully, I’m lucky enough to be able to afford healthcare but it bothers me that someone else should be deemed of lesser importance because they can’t. Shouldn’t the healthcare system treat everyone equally?  I wonder would everyone agree to it, I doubt they would. Part of me wonders would I? I was certainly glad to be pushed to the front of the line, I can’t lie and say I wasn’t. Money talks and when you’re on the desirable side of it you tend to let this things slide only because they benefit you.

Globally is no different – Ireland is only too happy to get into bed with China because from an economic point of view they are invaluable. This is despite China’s long line of injustices against its people and its tyrannical rule. An Irish minister was even quoted as saying that having possible trade deals with Robert Mugabe was acceptable because Ireland had worked with worse and it was in the citizens best interests. I’m sorry, how is that a valid argument? So, you justify working with such a man because basically you are ‘forced’ to for the welfare of your people. More like, he’ll bring lots of money/trade to Ireland lets support him no matter his disgusting human rights record. Most of your citizens, if they were half aware of what he didn’t would be sickened. When Donald Trump came to Ireland it was no different. Enda Kenny (our Taoiseach) might as well have got down on his knees and kissed Donald Trump’s ring for all the pathetic pandering he did. Donald Trump had money, Donald Trump gets what he wants. Granted this was before Trump went for the presidential election and revealed his racist nonsense but I’m sure he was hardly much better at concealing that before than. Our leaders are solely interested in money and how and where to get more no matter what morals it could mean compromising.

Money makes the world go around and people and nations will do whatever they can to get it and keep it. People start wars, they endorse total lunatics, they make trade deals with countries with abysmal human rights records, they allow the mistreatment of humans and animals to go on because their economic interests are first. They give themselves and their fellow ministers pay rises will slashing others people’s wages to ribbons. Before the government it was the church that ruled the country because they had all the money and therefore all the power. They’d lined their pockets and make buddies with everyone else who had money and made sure to keep the poor people in their place by keeping them poor. Money allows the environment to be decimated, allows beautiful creatures to be hunted on game reserves because sadly it is the only way to keep them open and conserve such creatures. The people with the money are allowed to kill these animals that people are so desperately trying to protect because they are allowed call the shots. If anything is going to change in the world, then money needs to stop talking and start listening.

As the old Irish phrase goes; Ní thuigeann an sách an seang (the well-fed does not understand the lean).




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