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Thought, Thinking, Thoughting

Writing that piece due the next morning at a ridiculous time of the night where are brain just feels like it’s melting* and you start hallucinating that your entire essay is spectacular and completely non plagiarised. Infact all of you’ve done is scoured the internet for two articles and changing a word here and there hoped for the best.051516-national-michelle-obama-melania-trump.jpg

I hope someone wasn’t actually paid to steal that speech because they didn’t try to steal it well. I mean they literally changed completely unimportant words and never even seemed to consider that Michelle Obama’s speech, in this day and age, might actually have been recorded. Wow, even a primary school child could do a better job. Zero effort, in fact it would have actually taken less effort to just write her own speech surely?

Also Michelle Obama did a way better job of delivering that speech, by far.

*I actually never plagiarised and certainly would never plagiarize that badly.




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