Smiles of the Past

This post was prompted by a photo my aunt had sent me recently of her and I as a small girl in the 90’s. At most I was only 5 at the time. It’s strange to look at that photo and see that little girl and of course know that it’s me. What captivated me more though was the smile. It was big, without fear or doubt. That is not to say at that time there weren’t unpleasant things happening in that little girl’s life, there certainly were, put regardless she still wore that big smile. It may me realise that throughout my life I’ve encountered very few photos of myself where I don’t have that smile, that big natural joyful smile. I was always a smiley child. In fact it is only as I’ve grown that I notice I smile less, my outlook on the world, unlike that little girl, is moee cynical and doubtful. Of course that comes with growing up and experiencing the world in a more harsh light.

But to see my younger self look so carefree and happy despite unfortunate circumstances out of her control was nice. She didn’t let it hang on her – maybe it was her naivete that saved her, that kept that smile beaming.

It did make me think just how much joy children get from simple things and how little they fear because the world hasn’t been exposed them fully.

Some children aren’t so lucky though. I can’t help but think of a five year old refugee girl or boy and think how much they have been forced to see in a very small space of time. I was lucky; I may have seen unpleasant things in my domestic sphere the country that I lived in was safe and I had family who loved and cared for me. Who were alive to love and care for me.

As I get ready to fly to London this week and try to overcome my fear of flying I look at that little girl and see how different I’ve become. I should be more like that little girl not less.

Embrace the world for what it isand, don’t let worries hold you back keep on smilin’.


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