Hair Update: Growing Pains

So, I’m still in the process of growing my hair since the last time I posted this. Currently it is at 13 inches after I stopped cutting it sometime in May last year. I still have a few more inches to go, the minimum for cutting being 14 inches. So, ideally, I need 16 inches in order to have anything to work with. 

But I’m slowly getting there, I honestly hadn’t considered how long it would take for it to reach 13 inches when it was already past my shoulders in May. With my hair being slightly thick also, I can’t deny I would love to cut it straight after it reaches 14 inches much really I’m going to have to try to wait a little but longer. Recently I’ve bought a spray to quicken the growth as I’ve been getting slightly impatient and I think it has actually made it grow faster.

 In some ways I like the idea that, although, I’ve done nothing really but let my hair grow to give it to someone else which requires no work on my part really, I have still had to commit myself to growing it and not cutting it. Which, when you have thick hair that you were too lazy to style before, can mean letting it grow so long can be a bit difficult. Still I’m lucky to have it and more lucky to be able to give it to someone else. 🙂


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