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Zombies, Run! I Walk…

Guys, GUYS, GUYS! how did I not download Zombies, Run! sooner? It is amaaaaazzzzing. I’m only four years late….

You’re struck in a post apologetic world where you have to run from a horde of the undead as you collect materials and such for the town of Abel that you then use after you’re run to build up the town. As a running/walking app it’s an amazing motivator to get outdoors and running. My initial reluctance for getting it was wondering was it worth it (and the lack of memory on my phone didn’t help) and also I thought it would just be an endless sound of zombies growling in your ear which wasn’t overly appealing to me. That, it turns out, wasn’t the case, it actually has different missions and story lines broken up into episodes, which admittedly I have gone out to walk (and run when the zombies are on my tail) for up to an hour these past few days just so I could hear more than one episode – oops. 🙂

It’s quite good for catering to people (like me) who aren’t ready to start running long distances yet, either. I am able to walk slowly or more intensely when I feel and then when the warning comes in my ear that the zombies are near me (which only happens once or twice per episode) I only run for a max of 10-20 seconds to avoid them – that gets my heart rate up but doesn’t completely knock me out. If you buy membership (which I did today as I would have had to wait 5 day for another episode and I just couldn’t do that) and it’s only 21 euro or something for the year, you can tweak this setting to lower the rate at which you have to run (standard is 20%) or up it (same with the zombies attack frequencies).

It’s quite well written as well with some very funny lines (that make me look like a bit of a lunatic when I am trying to conceal a grin at a joke or a witty comment by one of the guys directing you during the mission). Sometimes, though the noise from passing cars can be a bit bothersome when you’re trying to hear what is being said so I recommend running/walking in a quieter area if possible, or getting better ear/headphones.

But it’s a very good app and I’d recommend you guys check it out! 🙂


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