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Is Milk Any Good for Me? Your Questions, not answered.

So, here’s your question “Is milk  any good for me?”, not answered.

  • Does it treat you with the respect you deserve!?
  • Does it see you clearly, the way you really are at 2pm after a wild Saturday night?
  • Does it mock you, does it question your dreams or ambitions in life in a negative way?
  • Does it challenge your decisions making you doubt yourself? Real milk shouldn’t do that.
  • Does it assume you will provide it with everything it needs, without giving anything in thanks?
  • Does it take all the praise you give it, but offer you none?
  • Is it acting like a grown up milk or like a semi skimmed milk that’s wishy washy and frankly, should not be tolerated by anyone.
  • When you say “you” does it say “us” or just “milk”?
  • Does it go sour when you’ve had an argument and refuse to admit its wrongs?
  • Has it turned you into an unrecognisable person, reliant on it for your self worth?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions – go out and buy yourself a cartoon of soya/rice/hemp milk that will treat you right (don’t buy almond milk that stuff is bad for the environment, moooo…I mean maaaaaan


Goat’s milk.



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