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Five Stages of Getting New Glasses

Denial – (I don’t need glasses – sure I can see everything perfectly fine. It’s not my fault this book was written all blur-ray. It’s all that modernisation in literature now, the squiggles represent the characters trauma and confusion. Anyway I didn’t want to read the paper.) “Sure getting glasses didn’t help the wolf in… Continue reading Five Stages of Getting New Glasses

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How to Survive YOUR Red Wedding

*Cough* menstruation *Cough*. Sacrifice that chocolate bar that you cried about because they changed the wrapper to the period god. Buy a truck load of dog and cats from that crazy woman down the road. Everything she does makes sense to you now. Get someone to stab you in the stomach repeatedly. It won’t compare to that… Continue reading How to Survive YOUR Red Wedding

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Being a Midget..Sorry, Petite

According to the Oxford dictionary the word petite is described as being “attractively small and dainty”. Phew, I thought it mean you looked like a midget. An adult midget that resembled a child, because that’s what I look like (I’m just 5ft). No one thinks I’m 22 years of age, more like 17. Looking younger might… Continue reading Being a Midget..Sorry, Petite