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Finding the Perfect Book for You

ALWAYS judge a book by its cover. Never approach books with lackluster covers, you’re just giving them false hope. Hard pass. Check the summary at the back – sound boring? Pass. This book is going to actually force you to work for its approval by reading it. Don’t give into that smug book-face. If its past… Continue reading Finding the Perfect Book for You


Five…or *cough* Ten Favourite Books (Recommendations)

Here are a list of my 5 favourite books that might interest others. Edit: Because I got overexcited half way through it became my ten book recommendations. It was hard to pick 10 and really I wanted to put Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s books in there as well. So, go read her books too. Khaled Hosseini –… Continue reading Five…or *cough* Ten Favourite Books (Recommendations)