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The Story that Goes………Everywhere?

So, oh you’ll love this story, I mean it’s a such a beautiful, captivating story……here let me put on the lamp…….I mean sure you could say that about any story…….oh my skirt is all creased!……in fact you could even say that about my Uncle Jim and the stories that he used to tell after his… Continue reading The Story that Goes………Everywhere?

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Finding the Perfect Book for You

ALWAYS judge a book by its cover. Never approach books with lackluster covers, you’re just giving them false hope. Hard pass. Check the summary at the back – sound boring? Pass. This book is going to actually force you to work for its approval by reading it. Don’t give into that smug book-face. If its past… Continue reading Finding the Perfect Book for You


Five…or *cough* Ten Favourite Books (Recommendations)

Here are a list of my 5 favourite books that might interest others. Edit: Because I got overexcited half way through it became my ten book recommendations. It was hard to pick 10 and really I wanted to put Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s books in there as well. So, go read her books too. Khaled Hosseini –… Continue reading Five…or *cough* Ten Favourite Books (Recommendations)